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This blog began as venue for my stories as I traveled in Africa. 18 months later, I return to it as I travel to study as a Marshall Scholar in the United Kingdom. My hope is that this blog can be a conduit for you - my family, friends and secret/strange admirers - to track my movements, see a photo or two and get a glimpse of my days in the UK. Apologies once again to Dostoevsky for the blog's name...

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After graduating from Notre Dame, I'm off to England for graduate study. I'll be studying for a M.A. in International Politics and Security Studies. When not studying, I'm continuing to coordinate Uganda-CAN's efforts to end the 20-year war in northern Uganda!


A Weekend of Sickness and Scrabble...

I have been absent from blogging for two reasons. 1.) Mostly, I was mesmorized by a beautiful visitor from South Bend (Jess) and 2.) I fell sick as a dog with a cold over the weekend...

A few updates now, though, if I may...

1.) Notre Dame convincingly trumped Penn State last Saturday, to return to #2 in the AP Poll.

2.) If you want to check out a video blending my good friend Michael P., northern Uganda advocacy, right-wing Republican senators and southern California culture, check out the newly-released promo video for our Northern Uganda Lobby Day and Symposium (set for October 9-10 in Washington DC).

3.) I had greatly wanted to write a blog entry in response to President Bush's address to the nation on Monday night, yet sleep beat out my desire for vitriolic ranting. However, a friend sent me a video of Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, commenting on the legacy of 9/11 and how our country has changed since that tragic day five years ago. I highly recommend making 8 minutes to watch this brilliant commentary.

4.) Jess beat me in 3 of 4 Scrabble games over the weekend, but I did have one victory with a record high 340 points, bolstered by my use of all my letters to make the word "squirrel." A big success!

5.) Three days until I'm off to England and can finally do justice to the new title of this blog...


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