Footnotes from the British Underground

This blog began as venue for my stories as I traveled in Africa. 18 months later, I return to it as I travel to study as a Marshall Scholar in the United Kingdom. My hope is that this blog can be a conduit for you - my family, friends and secret/strange admirers - to track my movements, see a photo or two and get a glimpse of my days in the UK. Apologies once again to Dostoevsky for the blog's name...

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Location: Bradford, United Kingdom

After graduating from Notre Dame, I'm off to England for graduate study. I'll be studying for a M.A. in International Politics and Security Studies. When not studying, I'm continuing to coordinate Uganda-CAN's efforts to end the 20-year war in northern Uganda!


Kicking-Off...and my apologies to Dostoevsky

If you've found your way to my blog, welcome. And thank you. And cheers! I have created this webspace as a place to post my daily, bi-daily and not-so-daily reflections on my journeys and experiences in Uganda, the country Winston Churchill called 'the pearl of Africa.' So, if you dare (or have to waste some time), journey with me a bit as I move, grow and learn in East Africa.

The title of this weblog is 'Footnotes from the Underground,' a play on Fyodor Dostoevsky's famous work Notes from the Underground. In what is considered Dostovesky's transitional work, he attacks Enlightenment rationalism, rails against the dehumanizing aspects of urban centers and paints an intricate psychological picture of humanity. I cannot promise such lofty goals in this weblog, but it is Dostoevsky's discontented, non-conformist drive towards the complexities of truth that I hope to emulate.

So, cheers and let's kick-off.


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